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Dear Fellow Travelers,

It has been our privilege and pleasure over the years to have traveled with you. Some of you have been on numerous trips, and we have established a friendship that will last a lifetime. For those of you that we may have met only once, we will always treasure the experience.

After our last tour in October of 2018 Barbara Spohn will be retiring in order to spend more time with family and Michelle Morton will take this opportunity to follow a different career path.

It has been most rewarding working with Vogue Knitting magazine, Maggie Jackson, Nicky Epstein, Lorilee Beltman, along with many other textile designers. We encourage you to sign up with each of them to receive their newsletters or emails with information on any future tours they may be offering.

For those of you that have traveled with us over the years, please feel free to capture any of the tour photos you would like to have, as the website will remain live into 2019.

We hope that you have fond memories of Traveling Together!

Warm regards,

Barbara Spohn & Michelle Morton



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