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At Traveling Together we want help you find the things you need for your craft. Quilting Supplies are a little harder to get for people living in some rural areas, and online shopping can be the best resource when you need quilting supplies.

Below are some links to some quality online stores for quilting supplies, and short descriptions of what they carry. If you have a favorite resource you would like to share with us, please let us know.

JoAnne Fabrics Online Everyone knows about JoAnne fabrics, but some people don't know that their prices and sales are even better online. Quilting supplies of about any kind, sometimes at huge discounts. You can save 40% or more during the online sales.
Mama's Log House With our unique location out in the country next to an early 1800's log house we still manage to keep up on all the trends in quilt making. Once you've found us, our selection of quilting fabric and quilting supplies will keep you looking all day! Visit our quilt shop online or in person. Look for us at regional quilt shows.
PatchWorks Patchworks not only carries quilting supplies but has regular online classes in quilting! Sign up and attend one while sitting at the computer. Quilting supplies - fabric, patterns, kits, books, notions, block-of-the-month, quilting classes and more. This is a very nice site and it’s easy to navigate. You can find free patterns and "how to" information as well.
Starting a Quilting Business How to start your own machine quilting business." This book was discovered while doing an online search for quilting supplies. It has sold many copies, and many people have said that it helped them start a home business that really works. You might consider this great opportunity to work from home doing something you love~ like Quilting!
Hewlet Packard Quilting? Not only do they make so many great printers but they also have a large assortment of quilting supplies like patterns, stencils, and software that lets you design your own patterns. There is some good FREE Stuff here.
Vintage Kimono Fabrics This site specializes in hard to find silk quilting supplies from Japan. The materials are very impressive.
Batt-Mart Batting is a part of quilting, and this site has more different kinds than anyone. The prices and service should impress you. A quilting supplies niche.
Quilting a new life?
A great book on improving your life using analogies to quilting. It’s an interesting concept!

Book Description
"Quilting a Life" illustrates how quilting techniques can be used to connect livelihood, lifestyle and life dreams. Part one examines situations that impact livelihood; career burn-out, work/life balance challenges and job termination. These are the "templates" that determine "life's quilt block."

Here are a few articles we thought you might enjoy as well:

Quilting with Blue Jeans? from About.com

When you think quilting supplies

Everyone has a drawer or box of old blue jeans. Did you know you can make a denim quilt? The idea of frugal quilting with recycled levis is an excellent way to use up these sturdy, leftover garments. Denim quilts are hard-wearing, popular gifts for the younger members of your family, great for use as picnic quilts, camping or perhaps a bed for a special pet. Make a wallhanging jeans quilt with pockets in some of the blocks for a teenager's room or for a college dorm - the pockets can store small personal treasures!

This article will cover some sewing and quilting techniques for denim, ideas for quilt designs, quilt top layout samples and patterns for various easy quilts, and many links to sites on the Web to see and learn more about blue jeans quilts.

There is also a Gallery of Jeans Quilts here with photos and information sent in by quilters from the Quilting Forum. They share how-to information to help you plan and sew your own quilts.

Most artists paint ON fabric, but artist ANNETTE GRIGSBY doesn't. She paints WITH fabric! While quilting bees and quilters replicate traditional patterns in practicing this traditional craft, Annette has converted her extraordinary quilting talent to that of a new and unique art medium. Fabric art.

"I was born in Missouri, raised in Arkansas, married a Louisiana man in Mississippi and spent the last 43 years learning, teaching and traveling all over the country making quilts," Annette says. She finally ended up in Kansas, America's mid-point, where she continues to innovate and redefine her craft . . . her art . . . well, her artistic craft.

Her first memory of sewing was as a small child making doll clothes with her sisters on the front porch of their Eudora, Arkansas, home. Fifty years later the obviously gifted brood of three sisters, Annette, Betty Sanders (Cactus Flower Gifts) and Nancy Campbell (Designs on You), now strewn by the tides of life from Washington state to Texas, are all three Charter Exhibitors in OurCraftShow.com, a recently launched online virtual arts and crafts show.

Annette set a previously unexplored course for her talents, never satisfied with as good as any. "Of course, as soon as I learned the way they told me to do something, I figured out a better way for me," Annette explains. While some quilting patterns suggest three dimensional objects, like cubes and stars, Annette's quilting adds an unusual ingredient of depth and perspective to the picture. Her departure from repetitive patterns and shapes gave her the freedom to create images, scenes and interpretations not previously or elsewhere seen in the quilting community. Taking depth a step further, some of her works are actually in full relief.

So, when Annette entered into quilting competitions it surprised no one but Annette that she took the field by storm. Her work has won awards in both national and international competitions. First place, International Hoffman Competition; Finalist, Good Housekeeping Quilt Contest; Specialty Award from Woodlawn Plantation; and blue ribbons from too many state fairs and regional competitions to list.

Recognition is always appreciated, but it's evident that Annette is not driven by her competitive side. "I confess, I haven't kept up with all of the awards. There are a lot of others, but I just gave most of the awards away with the piece," says Annette.

No, what drives Annette is the only motivation strong enough to push an artist to the top of her craft, the love of her work. While her bent for detail and perfection is evident in the workpiece itself, her own description reveals the thought, concept and emotion she attempts, no, succeeds, in conveying. Of her Watchers From the Shore, she writes "You can almost hear the murmurs of amazement as the three natives witness the three ships' arrival in their world. Were these gods or men? Were they friend or foe? Hidden among trees and foliage, you can see the fear in the way they hold their bodies." A lesser passion would have produced a lesser work.
Just as there is only one original "Sunflowers", one original "Irises", most of Annette's pieces are one of a kind, like Watchers From the Shore, Christmas Eve at Our House, America's First Land-Sailing Adventure, I've Got the Blues X 3 and Sweet Caroline. But the same craftsmanship and originality are found in her other pieces, like her Forever Friends series.

Annette Grigsby's work can be seen and purchased on the internet at her booth (Annette's Fabric Art) at www.OurCraftShow.com.

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